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Solar Tarpaulin

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    Solar Tarpaulin

    Alagundagi groups our product solar tarpaulin or polyhouse for agriculture

    Suitable for

    Polyhouse, grains, chilly drying process and Tent


    Agriculture, Tent Shed, Green House Shed, Roof Cover, Vehicle Covers, Poncho, Construction Tarpaulin, and Pond liners


    • Solar Tarpaulin is also called as Polyhouse/Tarpaulin Shed best suitable for protecting the plants and seeds also its resistant/stabilizer UV (Ultraviolet) rays.


    • Totally water proof
    • Best suitable for protecting the plants and seeds.
    • No color fade, provide protection from rough weather conditions such as rain, strong winds, and sunlight.
    • Does not dry or become brittle in sun.
    • Best use for drying Grains, and chilly.
    • Large sheet and its exible.


    # Material Available of thickness Shape Minimun order quantity Color
    1 LDPE pure virgin Lightweight, Cross Laminated and Multi-layered 120 GSM. Woven pattern, that makes them rough and stiff to the touch 50 min 8,00,000 maximum lakhs piece Transparent
    2 Prevents from UV (Ultraviolet) resistant/stabilizer rays: Yes

    Sizes: Available in variety of sizes to meet your diverse needs.

    Size (In Feet) Width X Length 12x18 18x24 18x30 24x30 30x40 40x60 18 ft X 50 mtr 24 ft X 50 mtr 30 ft X 50 mtr

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