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We strive to contribute ruthlessly to aid Farmers and contribute immensely to the Second Agricultural
Revolution driven by Marketing and Technology.

Our Vision

We are striving at setting up Agriculture Malls that would serve as one stop solution for Farmers to meet all Agri needs.

This is to majorly assist famers by providing products ranging from seeds to other Agri products under one single roof.

Setting up 20 Agriculture Malls spread across South India.

Our Core Values

Trust, Quality, Affordability, Commitment, and Customer Satisfaction.

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Alagundagi Groups

We germinated as Alagundagi Plastics in the year 1992. It was the wild toiling of our founder Mr. Jaykumar Alagundagitowards Farmers through which we have reached great heights today. Since 29+years, we are serving the diverse Agricultural needs of lakhs of Farmers.

Our Founder firmly believes that the ongoing Second Agricultural Revolution can be driven by Marketing and Technology. Agriculture still remains the backbone of our country. Therefore, to aid the 41.49% farmers and other labour force in Agriculture, we are immensely supporting them with diverse quality Agri products. Alagundagi Group continuously strives to intensify the robust 18% agriculture sector contribution to India’s GDP.

Also to ease the life of Farmers, we have a greater vision to set up 20 Agri Malls spread across South India. These Agri Malls are going to be the game changer in the sector as all Agri needs of Farmers would be available under this single roof. Hence, farmers needn’t roam to multiple shops for products ranging from seeds to other Agri products.

Alagundagi Groups

Our Two Wings

Alagundagi Agro Plastics
Alagundagi Agro Tech

Alagundagi Plastics ISO Certificate
Alagundagi Agro tech ISO Certificate

Alagundagi Plastics:Alagundagi Plastics and Industries we manufacture and also sell varieties of plastics and Agri based products. We provide quality based products to meet needs of multidimensional application in fields like Agriculture, Horticulture, Home Gardening, Fish Farming, Water Storage, Construction Sector, etc. We manufacture Tarpaulin, Pond Lining and Mulching Paper that are ISO certified. They stand for heavy duty and quality thus providing greater durability. Farmers can use them in all extreme weather conditions. We always offer affordable products. Also, products are available with greater flexibilities in sizes and also sizes can be customized as per user’s choice based on product. We are recognized by our premium quality in this highly competitive sector. We firmly believe in adopting immense moral business policies and international standards. We have various departments that are based wholly on state of art infrastructure. All departments are installed with all kinds of required machinery and other pre-requisite tools that ease our task.

We have dedicated units for Procurement, Production, Warehouse Management, Quality Control, Packaging, Testing, etc. We stand for excellent packaging of products so that it reaches the end user in an unhampered manner. We also sell other Agri based products such as Shade Net, Nursery bags, Cocopeat, Sticky trap, Nursery tray, Bird net, Cow mat, Crop cover, Weed control mat, Crop Supporting Net, Sprayer Pump, Fibre Wire, Shade Net Thread, Yarn, Nylon Ropes, Vermi Bed, Banana Bed, Fruit Cover, Tomato Clip, RCC Road Plastic, Poultry Sheet, Garden tools, Mulching Hole Machine, Stones and Pebbles, Building Safety Net, Lino Bags, Azollo Pond, Flat Pipe, Poly Tunnel, etc.We are also empanelled under schemes like Krishi Bhagya Scheme, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana under which farmers get Agri based products at subsidized rates. We have supplied products for various government departments like Agriculture Department, Horticulture Department, Spice Board of Karnataka, etc. through various engagements.

Alagundagi Agro Tech:Under Alagundagi Agro Tech we provide 36 types of quality Open-Pollinated seeds.

Why OP (Open-pollinated) seeds and its benefits?

1. Rich in nutrition and taste benefitting the health of consumers.
2. The cost of seed is cheaper and cost-effective.
3. The loss would be negligible if any due to floods or climatic conditions.
4. Low maintenance for the producer who chooses open-pollinated.
5. Open-pollinated are best suited for Terrace and Kitchen Gardening.

Our Strength

Numbers speak Success and the wider base we own ! We have a wide client base that comprises of numerous farmers, corporate and a larger team alongside the storage area.

Satisfied Farmers

90, 000+



Storage Capacity

70, 000 SqFt

Collaborated MNC's


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Explore our vivid Agri products at the comfort of your couch. All available on your finger tips !

Alagundagi Groups Pond Lining
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Alagundagi Groups Mulching paper And Shade Net
Alagundagi Groups Hoop Or Poly House

It’s the time for feedback now, we like to know your experience towards purchasing of our product this helps us understand and improve to serve you better. Here why we are from last 29+ years in our business.