Azolla Bed

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Azolla Bed

Alagundagi Groups  Azolla Bed

Suitable for

agriculture purpose/Department


Green Azolla is also good feed for fish, Bio-fertilizer

Pests Control Proof

Ants and Mices


  • UV treated hence its long time durable
  • As its made up of HDPE martial its 100% waterproof
  • Good in Puncture and chemical resistant
  • Crack- Proof material
  • This martial Dry azolla flakes can be used for poultry feed and green azolla is also a good feed for fish


  • Easy to shift and light weight
  • Easy to operate and tear resistant
  • Material is rain safe
  • As its installed above the ground protects from ants and mice’s from the harm
  • Moisture content can be maintained and azolla helps to increase the crop yield and quality


# Material Size Pole holes Quantity Per Pack Color
1 HDPE: High Density Polyethylene sheet 12 Ft Length, 6 Ft Width and 1 Ft Height Yes Available 1 Pieces Green Wand Blue
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