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Bio Shakthi Crop Nutrient Pellets are suitable for a wide range of agricultural and gardening applications.& Cultivating vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants, or crops like Chilli, Cotton, Grapes, Vegetables, Watermelon, Citrus, Paddy, Tea, and Pomegranate


  • These pellets boost plant growth by improving how soil, water, and air work together. Plus, they're safe for humans as they don't contain harmful weed seeds or diseases.
  • An innovative way to improve the basic interaction of soil, water, and air for the best possible plant growth is to use Bio Shakthi Crop Nutrient Pellets.
  • Bio Shakthi Pellets improve the soil's water retention capacity.
  • This comprehensive approach results in vigorous and resilient plants.
  • Pellets can play a vital role in enhancing the soil environment and supporting robust plant growth.


  • It minimizes water wastage and provides a consistent water supply to plants
  • This is especially helpful for preserving the ideal amounts of hydration
  • Effective solution for optimizing soil health and promoting sustainable agriculture
  • It holds moisture, but drains well
  • Good organic garden soil is loose and fluffy - filled with air that plant roots need


# Item Form Plant Reaction Hours Type Net Quantity Usage Container Type
1 Powder After 24 hours Fertilizer 500gm,
1000 gm
Improve the soil's water retention capacity Packet
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