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    Alagundagi groups our product bird net

    Suitable for

    Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers,
    Mustard, Cotton, etc.


    Organic Farming, Gardens,
    Terrace Garden, Agriculture Fields, Home garden, Farmhouse, etc.


    • Birds damage the fruits and other crops of harvest.
    • Even if the fruit is half eaten or bitten, the whole of fruit needs to be trashed.
    • Installing a bird net will prevent from such damage and protect the fruits and other crops.
    • Suitable for urban buildings and fishing ponds too.


    • Easy to install.
    • Lesser or no maintenance required.
    • Reduces damage caused to the harvest by birds.
    • Light weighted and Suitable for all weathers
    • Get rid of the noise and the dirtying caused by flock of birds in urban places without harming birds.


    # Material Per Acre Size (feets) Width x Length Recyclable? Color
    1 Nylon 10 to 12 KG's 40x80 YES Green

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