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    Alagundagi groups our product coco peat


    Agriculture, Nursery seedling, Home gardening, etc.


    • Cocopeat is made up of coir.
    • When mixed with water it becomes about 25 to 30kgs
    • Seeds are then sown in it.
    • Retains water and thus maintains soil moisture.
    • Can be used as a soil conditioner and growing media.


    • Promotes sustainable growth
    • Soil aeration, soil texture and soil health is improved.
    • Acts as nutritional supplement.
    • Enhances germination and productivity.
    • Increases yield.
    • Bio degradable, hence eco friendly.


    • Light weight
    • Ideal for horticulture.
    • Can be reused for upto 5 years.
    • Anti-fungal.


    # Material Weight Form of Packing Suitable for Organic Color
    1 Coir 5 KG's in a pack Block All crops Yes Brownish

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