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Cow Mat

Alagundagi Groups  Cow Mat

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Cows, Buffaloes, etc


Animal Husbandry

Types Of Cow Mat

  • 1. Plain or Single Cow Mat: Suitable if setting up mats for cows separately or for an individual cow..
  • 2. Inter-lockable Cow Mat: Suitable for setting up for multiple cows, where the mats can be joined together with interlocking space available.


  • Heat and moisture resistant.
  • Heavy duty mats that have anti slippage property.
  • Easy to clean and comfortable for cows to relax well.
  • Cow mats are suitable for cows that prevent them from getting fatigue.


  • Prevents injury to cows and relieves symptoms of Arthritis.
  • Frequent infections from soil bacteria can easily be prevented.
  • Aids to reduce medical expenses on cows as hygiene can be easily maintained.
  • This aids uninterrupted milk production and enhances profitability alongside productivity.


# Material Size (In Feet) Width X Length Available Of Thickness Recyclable? Color
1 Natural rubber 4x6 17 mm Yes Black
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