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poultry, dairy, stud farms where there is manifestation of flies.


  • It catches, blow flies, horn flies, house flies, uzi flies.
  • In order to attract flies and draw them into the trap, the lure usually contains materials that replicate the aroma of food or other magnets.
  • The best design for capturing insects—it captures three times as many as any other trap.
  • Over 3000 flies can be held in a fly trap.
  • Use of fly traps reduces the need of harmful chemicals, thereby saving money expenditures
  • If the lure is left in its packaging, it will stay for one year.


  • Reduce economic losses.
  • More traps can be serviced in a short time
  • It has Long-lasting and durable
  • It can catch more traps and can be serviced in a short time.
  • Fly Trap Lure is its ability to enhance the attractiveness of fly traps.


# Trap to be Used Life of Lure Item weight Material Number of Traps Per Acres
1 WOTA Trap 150 Grams Plastic 30 days after adding water 5-6 Pcs
Note: Considerations for resistance to environmental conditions (temperature, humidity) to maintain efficacy over time
Certified by: Ex, Yes, Certified–ISO 9001:2015
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