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working with plants, farming machinery, farming chemicals, or animals. protection from abrasions, slips, cuts, and exposure to chemicals


  • Hand Gloves are essential personal protective equipment designed to provide protection for the hands in various work and recreational settings.
  • Constructed from a range of materials, such as synthetic materials, leather, fabric, and latex
  • These gloves come in different styles to cater to specific tasks and industries.
  • From industrial work to household chores and medical applications, hand gloves serve as a crucial barrier between the hands and potential hazards.
  • The primary purpose of hand gloves is to protect the hands from a range of potential hazards, including cuts, abrasions, chemicals, heat, and cold.


  • Hand gloves are to protect the hands from a range of potential hazards
  • Useful for jobs involving the manipulation of materials, tools, or equipment
  • Ease of movement and flexibility.
  • These chemical-resistant gloves protect the skin.
  • Heat-resistant gloves provide a protective barrier against burns and heat-related injuries.


# Material Water resistance Available Thickness Special Feature Colour Size
1 Plastic, Polyester YES 0-10 mm Light Weight, Black, Yellow 2 Count (Pack of 1)
1 Leather YES 0-10 mm Light Weight, Black, Yellow 2 Count (Pack of 1)
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