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Vegetables Leno Bags

Alagundagi Groups Leno Bags

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Agriculture purpose: Packing the vegetables mainly for onion, potato, chilli, ginger and garlic etc.


  • This product is recommended and best for packing the vegetables that require air/ ventilation access
  • Light in weight occupies less space
  • Available in different sizes


  • Lightweight easy to carry the vegetables
  • Durable and allow vegetables for long life as its air pass leno bag
  • Maintain freshness of the packed vegetables
  • Prevent inner moisture that may spoil the vegetables


# Material Size (Width x Length) Quantity Per Pack Color
1 Plastic Woven Looms 22 X 40, 22 X 38, 24 X 40, 26 X 40, 28 X 40, 28 X 42, 30 X 40, 32 X 42, 18 X 33. 500 clips per box Green,Yellow and Red
2 Certified: Yes, Certified–ISO 9001:2015, Recyclable? Yes, Colors available in Black
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