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Monkey Gun

Alagundagi Groups Garden Tool Monkey Gun


Fix anything from loose screws to minor repairs around the house ,Crafting Projects, Car repairs and maintenance tasks,the Monkey Gun tackles diverse tasks on the job site efficiently, Emergency Fixes.


  • The "Monkey Gun" is an innovative and versatile tool
  • Agri Canon - its a Monkey and Bird Scarer device to protect agriculture crops / Farms from monkeys / birds
  • It enables both experts and beginners to utilize it.


  • Made with PVC easy and safe to use.
  • Eco-friendly and harmless(As per Indian Wildlife protection Act 1972 we should not harm any birds and animals)
  • Sound will cover an area of 2-3 acres
  • Reduction in labour cost, crop protection and enhances income to the farmer
  • Zero maintenance and if used properly the device would come for 10 years.


# Material Color Electric Target Species Special Feature
1 PVC Grey No Bird, Monkey Compact, Light Weight
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