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Mulching Paper

Alagundagi Groups  Mulching Paper

Suitable for

Vegetables, Fruits, etc.


Horticulture, Agriculture, Home gardening, etc


  • Protects both the crop and soil.
  • Prevents growth of weeds.
  • Keeps soil aerated.
  • Prevents soil erosion and water evaporation.
  • Aids in faster growth.


  • Enhanced crop yield.
  • Improved soil quality.
  • Reduces fertilizer dependency.
  • Effective weed control as sunlight doesn’t pass through soil.
  • Soil moisture is retained as there is no water loss.
  • Moderates soil temperature, during sunny days it keeps cool and during winters it keeps warm.


# Material Durability Available Of Thickness Chemical Composition Production Capacity
1 LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene, pure virgin. 1 Year 2 months, hence can be used to cultivate kharif, rabi and zaid crops.. 30 microns. 3 layers and each layer comprises of, Anti-oxidant:2%, Anti-sulphur:2% and UV:6% 700 tonnes per annum.
Note: Considerations for resistance to environmental conditions (temperature, humidity) to maintain efficacy over time
Certified by: Ex, Yes, Certified–ISO 9001:2015
# Height & Width (inches ) Thickness
1 6 inch x 8 inch (15.2 cm x 22.8 cm ) 2.5 mm
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