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    Nursery Bags

    Alagundagi groups our product nursery bag

    Suitable for

    All kind of plants.


    Forestry, Horticulture, Home Gardening, etc.


    • Suitable for all weathers.
    • Easily transportable and easy to use.
    • Bags are breathable.
    • Durability is higher as it is UV treated, thus protecting it from sunlight and hence no wear and tear.
    • Can be used in areas where good quality soil isn’t available.


    • They consume lesser space as can be folded and kept aside when not in use.
    • Long lasting.
    • Economical and reusable.
    • Protection from insects.
    • Healthier root growth.
    • Stimulate growth with apt watering option.


    # Material Recyclable? Color
    1 LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene, pure virgin. Yes Black

    Sizes: Available in variety of sizes to meet your diverse needs.

    # Size (In Inches) Width X Length Thickness (In Gauge) No. of Pieces per Kg. (Approximate estimation)
    1 4x6 180 800
    2 5x7 250 350
    3 6x8 300 250
    4 8x10 350 110
    5 10x11 350 85
    6 12x13 400 50
    7 12x16 400 40

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