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Pond Lining / HDPE GEO Membrane

Alagundagi Groups Pond Lining

Suitable for

Fish farming, Water storage for Harvesting/Agriculture purposes, etc


Mass water storage and Fisheries sector


  • Durability is higher as it is UV treated, thus protecting it from sunlight and hence no wear and tear.
  • Light weighted.
  • Higher flexibility.
  • Suitable for all weathers.
  • Suitable for areas with low rainfall.
  • Safe to use.


  • Ease of installation.
  • Lesser or no maintenance required.
  • Prevents water leakage.
  • Prevents water contamination from all underground sources and toxins.
  • Reduces shrimp virus and thus diseases associated.
  • Best for Solid waste management
  • Soil maintenance not required. Also, acidity of soil is prevented thus aiding fishes growth and PH levels of water is maintained.


  • 3 to 4 years for pond lining of thickness 300 microns
  • 5 plus years for pond lining of thickness 500 microns
  • Note: The durability is also based on usage and maintenance by the end user.


# Material Available Of Thickness Recyclable? Certified Color
1 HDPE: High Density Polyethylene: 5 layered, pure virgin 300 and 500 microns. YES YES Certified ISO 9001:2015 Black
2 HDPE: High Density Polyethylene: 5 layered, pure virgin 200 microns. YES YES Certified ISO 9001:2015 Blue
2 Certified: Yes, Certified–ISO 9001:2015, Recyclable? Yes, Colors available in Black

Sizes: Available in variety of sizes to meet your diverse needs.


1.We also take orders for customized sizes as desired by end users.

2. Production Capacity – 50 Lakhs square metres per annum.

# Pond size(in metres) Width X Length X Slope Finished size Width X Length Size (in square metres)
1 10x10x3 15x15 metres 231
2 12x12x3 16x16 metres 301
3 15x15x3 65x65 feet 421
4 18x18x3 75x75 feet 559
5 21x21x3 85x85 feet 715
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