Red Palm Weevil

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Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus)

Alagundagi Groups Red Palm Weevil




  • Designed to attract and capture this destructive pest.
  • Contains powerful pheromones and attractants to lure and capture the pest, disrupting its life cycle and preventing further damage.
  • Reduces reliance on chemical pesticides.
  • Contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly practices in coconut cultivation.
  • Helps in the early detection of Red Palm Weevil infestations


  • Reducing Economic Losses
  • Ensuring Food Security
  • It will promote sustainable agriculture.
  • Enhancing Farmer Well-being
  • Environmentally Friendly


# Trap to be Used Life of Lure Number of Traps Per Acres
1 Funnel Trap 180 Days 1-2 Pcs
Note: Considerations for resistance to environmental conditions (temperature, humidity) to maintain efficacy over time
Certified by: Ex, Yes, Certified–ISO 9001:2015
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