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Alagundagi Groups Garden Tool Rope


Outdoor Activities, Lifting heavy objects, Commonly used in farming and crop packing , hunting, pulling, fastening, attaching, carrying, lifting, and climbing


  • A rope is a strong and flexible cord made by twisting or braiding fibers or strands together.
  • Ropes come in various materials, including natural fibers like hemp or synthetic materials like nylon, and they vary in thickness and strength.
  • Rope is used as an agricultural tool as well as a fishing tool.
  • Ropes are a dependable way to lift, pull, For packaging or secure anything since they are made to support large weights.
  • In order to pack crops, ropes are necessary , on the stem or branch, they are frequently employed to support weighty fruit and vegetable plantings.
  • Packaging also makes use of ropes. Polypropylene ropes are again the most commonly used when it comes to rope usage.


  • In farming and crop packing, polyester rope is frequently utilized.
  • Because of its extreme versatility, ropes can be used for anything from outdoor activities and sports to construction,
  • Ropes are a dependable way to lift, pull, or secure anything since they are made to support large weights


# Material Color
1 Polypropylene rope Yellow and White
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