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Silage Bag

Alagundagi Groups Salige Bag

Suitable for

High-moisture stored fodder which can be feed to cattle, sheep and other animals such as cud-chewing animals


Agriculture, Animal Husbandry


  • These bags are tough and are dependable with high tear, puncture with resistance properties


  • Tough and dependable with high tear UV (Ultraviolet) resistant/stabilizer and cost-effective
  • Fast and efficient way to preserve baled silage.
  • Easy to fill up the bags as per availability of green fodder
  • Puncture resistance properties.
  • Bags we suggest to be stored on a flat, well drained, hard, level surface away from livestock.
  • Used for preparation of silage and more.


# Material Available Of Thickness Shape Minimun Order Quantity Pattern and Color
1 HDPE pure virgin and milky white food grade with moisture proof 160 HDPE with RF Cicular 5 to 10 min to piece Plain and milky white

Sizes: Available in variety of sizes to meet your diverse needs.

# Loop Lifting Top skirt
1 4 cm x 30 cm 2 sides 80 GSM x 40 cm
# Size (In Feet) Width X Length Linear Linear micron
Bag 1 40 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm (100 Kg’s Capacity) 100 cm x 150 cm, pure virgin food grade 70 microns
Bag 2 95 cm x 95 cm x 120 cm, (500 Kg’s Capacity) 195 cm x 270 cm, pure virgin food grade 70 microns
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