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Alagundagi Groups Yarn Garden Tool


Tie crops together, Vegetable Farming, flower cultivation


  • Yarn is extensively used in agriculture to provide support to growing plants.
  • It helps prevent plants from bending or breaking under the weight of their own fruits or in adverse weather conditions.
  • Yarn is employed for creating trellises in fields, particularly for climbing crops such as peas, beans, or tomatoes
  • Yarn, created through a brief and straightforward process using silk or cotton, qualifies as an agricultural product.
  • To be suitable as a textile yarn, a fibre must have some essential and other desirable properties.


  • This facilitates better air circulation and sunlight exposure for the plants.
  • Yarn is useful in the process of harvesting.
  • It helps in the efficient collection and transportation of harvested produce.
  • Ensuring proper growth and preventing damage.


# Material Yarn Shape Color Chemical Resistance UV treated
1 PE, PP, Polyester(Pet), Nylon, Cotton Round White Yes Yes
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